Welcome to Anner's Pantry

We are a members only fresh organic whole foods co-op. Let us help you make the move to healthier more delicious eating. Ordering our market bags each week is a great place to start – and it makes your life so much easier – pop in and pick up your bags of beautiful food. While you’re here you can purchase all the extras you need to change over to a healthy, tasty, organic pantry because we all know that 
the best thing about organic food is that it just tastes better!
WHY BUY ORGANIC? When you purchase organic produce you are taking part in the healing of our land, the purifying of rivers, lakes, and streams, and the protection of all forms of life from exposure to chemicals used in conventional farming.
It doesn’t always.  However, smaller yields, pest damage, increased hand labor, and added distribution costs all contribute to higher prices.  Rebuilding our ecosystem isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny!”

Wednesday  5PM - 8PM
Saturday  10AM - 2PM

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

​& Friday by appointment only 

Closed Sunday

After hours  or to make an appointment call Anner

at 918-592-4421. 

If she's here, she's open!