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Kitchen Talks - Lemons, Limes & Life
Written by Anner Stone
I’m going to add a little Kitchen talk from time to time – you might want to apply my number one rule to your house too. Everyone needs a space that is a clean energy zone and the Kitchen is a great place to set that up. You are creating the energy that you and your family survive and live on. Keep it clean and as pure as possible. I believe you’ll find having this as a sacred space can make a positive difference for you and your whole household.

Anner’s Kitchen Talk – Rule Number ONE: Do not come into my kitchen with any negative talk or attitude; this is where I come to be at peace and pass on some love – don’t mess with that. You can talk about anything with me; just not in my kitchen. 

Today’s Chat is about citrus and citrus juice, specifically lemons and limes – I use lemons and limes interchangeably – each one lends its’ own unique flavor but they are both lovely, so I buys whichever one is the best buy that week and enjoy that flavor profile. Here I am going to be talking about the juice and zest. Zest is a super addition to a lot of things, but it can be a pain especially if you are tired or in a hurry.

I find that things that are a pain are easier if you can do a lot of them as a little project, and have them to use later. This works well for zesting. Always zest the lemon/lime before you cut it and do as many as you feel up to doing. Spread the zest out on a plastic wrap covered plate, freeze for an hour, scoop it into a plastic bag or container (BE SURE TO LABEL IT – MONTH AND YEAR) and put it back into the freezer; adding zest to anything is now a snap and you’ll feel so with it when you can just zap that out to be the consummate cook. After you have made all that zest, you need to go ahead and make juice.

I use a lot of it every week from making salsa, hummus, tabouli and such to lemon or limeade – I use citrus juice every day. For me the investment in a good citrus juicer is one of the best you can make. I have tried at least 20 different brands; twice they have quit making a brand that I loved and I had to go searching again – I have returned at least 15 juicers – right now this is the best by far – at $36 it is a bit of a gulp, but that isn’t near as much as the $150 one that I returned because it wasn’t worth a flip.

If you have lemons/limes that are at their peek and you are not going to use them within a day or 2, get them juiced so they don’t rot. Even if you don’t feel like messing with the zest, juice them! The juice will keep in the fridge for a week plus, and then you can move it to the freezer for a year plus. If you have juice all ready to go in the fridge, you’ll use it. Once you are out, pull a jar out of the freezer and into the fridge so you always have it ready. Citrus juice is often the difference between good and great food.

Anner’s Life Chatter
Here’s a little thought that I have found useful. When you are facing a “challenge", anytime it comes into your head, before you start fretting, think of several things (or even say them out loud) that you are grateful for. And finally think of one thing about the challenge that you are grateful for. You’ll find that it dissipates a lot of the scary or negative energy around that challenge.

(my favorite word): experience it in abundance


About Author: Anner Stone

Anner has owned & ran nearly 10 restaurants in her life, & in the 1980's she started an amazing Organic Food Co-Op in Tulsa that is still thriving, nourishing, & educating people today!
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